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Fire stories


RChapple WorldParksCongress 2014 presentation ‘Understanding Bushfire Risk in the Blue Mountains’

Large Scale Ecosystem Management UNSW Summer Course

 Dr Rosalie Chapple with Land Management students 2014

Wyn Jones with Land Management students 2014

In November 2014,  the “Large Scale Ecosystem Management” course of the Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of NSW, taught by Dr Rosalie Chapple (BMWHI Executive Director), provided students with some insight into the challenges and complexity of management of a protected conservation area – using the Blue Mountains as the case study for a 3-day field trip.

World Parks Congress 2014

World Park Congress Sydney 2014. Post congress field trip to the Blue Mountains with 49 international delegates featuring the Institute’s Low Carbon Tourism initiative.

Blue Mountains Low Carbon Tourism

WPC field trip with PNG delegates

WPC 2014 PNG Delegation with Dr Rosalie Chapple on our Low Carbon Grand Cliff Top tour.

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