Branching Out : Stories from the Blue Mountains

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The Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute presents this mixed media exhibition developed to share the stories, reflections and memories of the Blue Mountains community. The eucalypt is used as a catalyst and symbol of recording and interpreting the community’s inspiration and connection to this region from historical and contemporary perspectives drawing from private, community and public collections.

It brings together contemporary artists and community contributions sharing their archival material, social history and contemporary artworks from cross cultural perspectives highlighting the different and changing social, environmental, geographical and cultural landscapes. It highlights the different perspectives through people, places and events that have shaped our attitudes, values and lifestyles of living in an unique World Heritage area and our vision for the future.

This exhibition gives us the opportunity to reflect on the complex relationship between nature and people from a local and global perspective and the impact of fire for both current and future generations.

Project Convenor: Cheryle Yin-Lo

Community Curatorium: Helen Deane, Graham Davis King, John Leary OAM, Anitra Nelson and Suzann Victor. Thanks to the Community Curatorium who committed their time to research and develop the exhibition and to residents and artists who contributed and for loan of their works and cultural material.

Also many thanks to Roland Hemmert, John Low, Bronwen Maxwell, Judy (nee Ralph) Deane and John Deane for their assistance to the project; and to the Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney for their support; and to Sarah Terkes for helping create the online gallery.

This project was funded by Arts NSW

This exhibition is only the beginning and represents only a glimpse and insight to the many facets of this region. We welcome ongoing contributions from the community to the exhibition.

Contact Cheryle Yin-Lo, Community Engagement Coordinator:

One of the highlights in this exhibition is rare and exclusive footage from the 1949 Boiling for Oil video by Colin Ralph about the making of eucalypt oil in the bush.

Boiling for Oil: An Aspect of the Eucalypt, by Colin Ralph
Duration: 14 minutes. Courtesy Permission of Judy (nee Ralph) Deane

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