Don’t raise the dam

Kowmung Collection 14 - Lower Kowmung last 2km white rock A Cox HT24_lowres_0

The NSW Government’s plan to raise the Warragamba Dam wall would destroy unique areas within the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, the Colong Foundation has warned.

The Colong Foundation’s Harry Burkitt said the Kowmung River wilderness (pictured) would suffer permanent damage if the plan proceeds

“The Kowmung River is one of only six declared wild rivers in NSW, and it will be permanently scarred from inundation if the dam raising goes ahead,” he told the Blue Mountains Gazette.

Ecologist and former Blue Mountains resident Roger Lembit told the Gazette the rare Camden White Gum would also be lost. The Camden White Gum is a unique species of eucalpyt, which is primarily found in the area that would be flooded if the Warragamba Dam wall was raised.

The NSW Government proposes to raise Warragamba Dam by 14m to manage flood risks in the Hawkesbury Nepean region.

Mr Burkitt said the proposal was unnecessary, and other options should be considered.

“Constructing flood levies, pre-releasing dam water before floods, and not building new housing developments on floodplains are alternative measures that can be implemented at far less cost, while not destroying parts the most protected natural landscape in Australia,” he said.

The Colong Foundation has started a campaign against the proposal. Visit Don’t Raise The Dam for more information.​



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