‘Fire stories – a lesson in time.’, evaluation report

The documentary film, Fire Stories—A Lesson in Time (see http://www.fire.bmwhi.org.au/), was locally produced as a community engagement tool to raise awareness about the risk of fire, through presenting the narrative of a devastating bushfire event in Blue Mountains townships in 1957. The film was released in 2013 just months before similarly devastating fires again struck the region. We later evaluated, via online survey, the impact of viewing the film on fire preparedness and response in relation to the 2013 fires. From this evaluation, Fire Stories was found to be an effective form of communication that enhanced community resilience, namely fire preparedness and response.

Click here to download a copy of the evaluation summary report

The full report (including data) is available here:
‘Now I Get It’ – 2015 Impact Evaluation of Fire Stories-A Lesson In Time

For more information contact Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute.


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