Mid Mountains Collaborative Framework Questionnaire and Workshops

Coordinators: Cheryle Yin-Lo and Sandy Booth

The Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute (BMWHI) was engaged by Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) to develop a Community-Government Collaborative Framework for the Mid Mountains. The project aimed to involve all interested people and parties in workshops during February-March 2007.

The workshops identified new ways in which Mid Mountains communities and BMCC can communicate and work more effectively together for mutual benefit on important issues and matters of community interest and concern.

The Framework consisted of practical directions and activities for the Mid Mountains and Lawson, consistent with the 25 Year Vision for the Blue Mountains.

It also included ways to enable:

  • more effective and regular two way communication;
  • more consistent approaches to providing and exchanging information and views;
  • improved and more co-ordinated integrated planning and decision-making;
  • improved co-operation and collaboration generally;
  • a strengthening of both respect and trust.

There were two main ways for local people to share ideas and get involved. These were:

  • Written feedback through a brief questionnaire available from local community organisations, the local library and BMWHI website.
  • Participation at one or more of a series of workshops being held in Lawson during February – March 2007.

1. Questionnaire

The questionnaire had eight short questions that people can answer and return to the Institute either anonymously or with the opportunity of receiving feedback on results. The questionnaire took around ten minutes to complete.

2. Workshops

Five workshops were held in Lawson during the second half of February 2007 focusing on the Mid Mountains area (which includes Bullaburra, Hazelbrook, Lawson, Linden and Woodford). Session dates and times were scheduled to allow people various options to attend. These were followed by a single workshop focusing on Lawson in early March 2007.


If you have any enquiries, please contact Cheryle Yin-Lo at BMWHI on 4782 4657 or email c.yin-lo@bmwhi.org.au

We encourage you to obtain a copy of the 25 Year Vision for the Blue Mountains either by calling BMCC on 4780 5000 or visiting the Sustainable Blue Mountains website.

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