Past projects

Completed projects

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Natural and Cultural Heritage Projects

Managing Ecosystem Change in the GBMWHA download report ]
Mapping Country download report ]
Bushfire Policy and Management
Landscape of Blue Mountains Rock Art download report ]
Assessment of Aboriginal Heritage Values download report ]
Cultural Heritage Assessment of the Six Foot Track download report ]
Dieback in the GBMWHA and the role of Phytophthora
Phytophthora Connect (Interactive Portal)

Sustainable Development Projects

Lawson Development Alternatives download report ]
Sustainable Agri-Industries download report ]
Mid-Mountains Collaborative Framework download report ]
Native Agroforestry & Bioenergy download report ]
Impact of Climate Change on Tourism Destinations download report ]

Community Engagement Projects

Earth Journeys 
Indigenous Education Resources Package download report ]
The Streetwise Project
Nature Through Fresh Eyes
Branching Out Exhibition
Branching Out Exhibition II

Activities and Events

 Research Forum 2014

Miscellaneous Projects

Carbon Storage Potential in the GBMWHA download report ]


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