The Impact of Climate Change on Australian Tourism Destinations

Chief Researchers:

John Merson and Rosalie Chapple (BMWHI) and UNSW post-graduate students.


$22,000 DRET and Sustainable Tourism CRC via University of Canberra.



Project Overview:

The project was part of a national project assessing the impacts of climatic change on tourism in World Heritage areas. It involved a desktop assessment and building economic models and scenarios.

The 5 case studies included the Wet Tropics, Kakadu, Barossa Valley, Victorian ski-fields and the Blue Mountains. BMWHI provided a review on:
(a) current knowledge of tourism activities in the Blue Mountains (statistical data)
(b) current knowledge of climate change especially relating to biophyscial impacts
(c) in light of the above reviews, to ask “so what for tourism?” ie, a review of the degree to which the tourism sector is reliant on resources and the current climatic conditions of the region; how environmental resources might affect tourism.

The final report summary can be downloaded in pdf form below:

[ Download Final Report Summary pdf ]

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